Amy’s family story continues……


After photographing Amy’s in her last weeks of pregnancy, her baby boy was born much sooner than expected and I was really excited to meet him and the growing family at their home in West Sussex.

Amy had booked me as her baby photographer, during her maternity session, and we arranged for the shoot to start at her house, so that I could capture some focused moments between her daughter and the new baby. We then planned to take the family to a nearby park for some relaxed and playful environmental shots, while they were all together in nature.

I spent a little time capturing some ‘lifestyle’ shots of her 3 year old daughter and the new baby cuddling together. The siblings weren’t posed but Amy sat her little boy carefully on the corner of the sofa and her daughter quickly snuggled up next to him. The little girl was full of life and enthusiasm and very excited to show off her new baby brother.

A little girl cuddled on a sofa with her baby brother, looking towards the camera and smiling on a baby photoshoot in Horsham, West Sussex.

Amy’s daughter was totally in love with her little brother and insisted on showing just how much she was, with plenty of kisses!

Capturing these moments of the connection and love between the siblings was a lovely way to warm up for the family photos and I often start my baby or family shoots this way.

A little girl cuddling up to her baby brother and leaning over to kiss his head on a baby and family photoshoot in Horsham, West Sussex.

A baby boy looking at the camera while propped up on a sofa in a newborn photoshoot in Horsham West Sussex.

My in-home or environmental shoots are always shot with natural light and with a relaxed ‘lifestyle’ approach. I find that very few people feel comfortable posing in front of a camera, especially the dads!

Lifestyle newborn, baby or family photography is a wonderful way to capture memories from real life moments, as they happen. It falls in-between documentary and traditional photography, in that there is no posing but, unlike pure documentary photography, a little curation is involved. I always scope out the best light for the shoots and simply direct my parents to where it is best to let their natural family moments play out.

A family group gathered under a tree with the mother holding her baby and the young daughter standing in the front of the group while they all look at the camera on a baby photoshoot in Horsham

The weather was typically English and unpredictable! so we sought shelter under the trees, when the sun gave way to rain and, while the family were huddled together, I took the opportunity to capture their natural group pose! All I asked them to do was look towards me!

The light was still wonderful to work with and the shade of the trees provided a protection from the harsh sunlight, as it emerged from behind the clouds.

A little girl looking over her sunglasses, towards the camera as she puts her pink sunglasses up onto her face on a baby and family photoshoot in Horsham.

Fortunately Amy’s little girl had come prepared for all weather eventualities! Those beautiful eyes made her bubbly personality shine out on many of the family photos I captured.

A little girl holding a multi-coloured umbrella over her head and smiling on a baby and family photoshoot in Horsham.

We took an umbrella, as I always do on environmental shoots, which I hoped would be a colourful backdrop, if needed. It came in handy for lots of moments while we moved between locations. We ended up sheltering among the trees for only a little while, before re-emerging for some fun family chaos and group shots.

A mother and her daughter and newborn son in a group hug on a baby photoshoot in the countryside in Horsham West Sussex

The family paused for a moment after leaving the woods and I kept everything relaxed while I moved around them with my camera, capturing this group moment candidly. Even in this picture, dad wasn’t asked to pose, so he felt much more comfortable in front of my camera.

A family group with a father cradling his newborn son and mother cuddling their daughter on a newborn and family photoshoot in Horsham, West Sussex.


A family group with the father cradling a newborn and the mother holding a 3 year old daughter while the parents look towards each other and smile on a baby and family photoshoot in Horsham West Sussex

A young woman wearing a blue denim shirt cradling and kissing her newborn son as he looks towards the camera on a baby photoshoot in Horsham West Sussex

I always take a little time to capture some pure motherhood moments with the new baby and mum on their own.

Again, these candid shots happened organically, as my only request was for Amy to look into my camera as she held her new baby. The emotion and connection between mother and baby was palpable and I think these photos were a beautiful capture of those real moments.

A mother cradling her new baby on her shoulder and looking towards the camera on an environmental baby shoot in Horsham West Sussex

A black and white photo of a young woman holding her newborn out in front of her and making faces to him while he stares at her, with eyes wide open, on a baby photoshoot in Horsham West Sussex.

A young woman wearing a blue denim shirt cradling her baby son as he sleeps and she looks to camera on a baby photoshoot in Horsham West Sussex

A young woman cradles her baby son with closed eyes, as he looks towards the camera on a baby photoshoot in Horsham West Sussex

I hope this blog post has given you an idea of how I will work with you to document your real life stories as they unfold.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you would like me to capture your newborn photos or growing family story, please don’t hesitate to get in touch below.


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